I’m a young aspiring designer & photographer based in northern England currently working at a creative agency in Blackpool named Jellymedia. Jelly is a small hands on team with a focus on the digital market & games industry, working for a strong catalogue of clients ranging from Konami, Zed Events, London Tea and Trinity Hospice.

Having graduated from Huddersfield University in 2011 I’ve spent much of the last few years acclimatising to industry life and finding my adult feet. Much of the space in between has been filled with freelance and personal work, photography, video games, Formula 1, karting, gigs and anything Wolverine related. Design has allowed me to evolve everything I enjoy in life into a desirable skill set, giving me the opportunity to get paid for what I enjoy doing! What’s not to love about that? It’s one of the few subjects I know of that takes practicality, personal influence and day to day wants and needs into account and makes it into a profession!

My skill set stretches across many creative fields as well as Graphic Design and is fueled by multiple interests. The work on this site is a strong reflection of that and is of both personal and commercial, trending from print, web, digital and photography. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some big name clients in my first few years in the industry and some close to my personal interests outside of studio life.

Selected clients:

Konami / Zed Events / London Tea / Gem / Tecmo Koei Europe / Trinity Hospice / NatSKA / Nintendo

If you’re interested in working with me be it design or photography based please get in contact: